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Extreme Weather Procedure

Extreme Weather Procedure

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Extreme Weather Procedure

We believe that it is not reasonable for parents or staff to battle for one or two hours on icy or flooded roads in order to get to school as the safety of our families and staff is of paramount importance. Therefore the following guidelines should be observed:-

Should the weather be extreme, parents and staff will receive a ClarionCall message informing them as to whether the school is open. This will be issued at approximately 7.00am.

Buses will run at the discretion of the Headmistress.

If a child travels on a school morning bus, it will be necessary for the parent to check their mobile daily during the bad weather for a ClarionCall message, as some buses may run, whereas others may not.

We would only close the school in extreme conditions as we are aware that many parents work and to shut would be highly inconvenient.

Should parents personal working arrangements require children to attend school even though the road conditions are poor no child should arrive after 10.00am.

We believe it is better for children to remain at home if possible rather than battling through poor road conditions.

If your child is at home due to adverse weather conditions the Learning Zone contains many work related activities for all children.

If many children are absent, a normal working day cannot be followed as staff may also be absent and classes will be combined.

No clubs will be held after school and no late buses will run.



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