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  • Grandparents Tea

Our Grandparents and Extended Family Members


We are a school where positive relationships with the extended family are nurtured and highly valued.  We recognise how important the family is in a child's learning journey.  Our children share the joy of their school with Grandparents and family friends on a regular basis through tea parties, attendance at Friday Prayers, concerts and sharing of knowledge in lessons.

An education at our school is not just about preparation for the future but is also about valuing the history of our nation, learning from past mistakes made by our forebears and using those mistakes to inform our thinking.


At Prince's Mead we learn the importance of traditional values and moral standards, being respectful, kind and thoughtful.  We appreciate the importance of a Christian ethos in a multi-cultural society.  This means not being risk averse but learning to embrace opportunities, being competitive, learning how to lose gracefully and to win with humility.  It also means valuing everything that is good and worthy from the past and all that is exciting and dynamic about the future.

Please come and see us.  You are always welcome.

Grandparents Testimonials

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